Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Poker Grump’s Tournament for Readers

This fellow blogger not only writes a quality poker blog, he also hosted a tournament for his readers last night. The turnout was a bit low but the quality of the players was quite high. The Grump himself (not surprisingly) also played well. It was a deepstack tourney so I played small ball in the early stages. I got pocket Aces twice in the first 90 minutes but since I refuse to limp in with Aces, no one would give me any action. I folded a lot of marginal hands out of position while trying to get a read on the table. I got all in with my pocket Queens against the Grump’s A-J s00ted, and of course, he hits an Ace on the flop. That was a near crippling blow but shortly after that, I chipped back up to a decent stack. Along the way I made some BIG folds even when I held premium hands (J-J, A-Q, etc.) if I was out of position. Until the final two hands of the night, I got my money in the middle with the best hand every time. I played a little under aggressively and in hindsight, I forfeited some opportunities to steal and position myself better for the final battle. Heads up, first hand, I turn two pair only to find I am up against a flopped boat. Argh! Then, in the final hand, I get pocket 10s (a hand I really like) and got all in only to find myself up against pocket Aces. Guess what? Another Ace comes right out on the flop and I am toast. Good Game to both the Grump (who placed 3rd) and the Pemite (the winner). I finished 2nd and felt I made a respectable showing. Thanks again to the Poker Grump for hosting the event. The best part of all this is now I have a few bucks on Full Tilt again. I will be returning to the Mookie for the first time in about 18 months tonight. Wish me Luck.

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