Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Evening at Mookie’s

I decided to play in the Mookie again last night. Tournaments are not my strength but it is hard to resist playing in this well attended blogger donkamant when I have the opportunity. I got a late start since the family wasn’t quite in bed yet when the tourney started. I only had two playable hands before the first break. I had Q-Q but got no action and I had A-Qs and flopped Q-Q-x but could not get any action - lots of respect but no action. After the break, I went on a mini-streak when I got 10-10, a suited Ace that flopped the nut flush, A-K with an Ace high flop, K-Qs flopped a flush and str8t draw but I never could convince anyone to play a pot with me. Then, I get 8-8, turn a set and river a boat to double through Dubspoke before the second break. After the 2nd break, I went on another run being dealt A-Q, K-K, and K-K in rapid succession. The noble monarchs decreed execution to be the fate of OhCaptain and I collect my first bounty of the night. Soon after that, Waffles had pocket Aces and I folded 6-6 to his weak bet since it smelled like he wanted a call. Wouldn’t you know it? An innocent seeming 6 came right out on the flop and I would have flopped a set and collected his bounty if I had stayed in the hand. I get nothing for a while but in the meantime, TripJax gets all in with Q-4 against A-K and makes two pair when a Q and a 4 flop right out. Soon, I look down to find another pair of Kings and this time, Jestocoast wants action. My Kowboys meet him in the street and gun him down for my second bounty of the night. By now, I have a comfortable stack compared with the field and I should have slowed down a bit. However, I am feeling good and make the final table full of confidence. I am honored to share the final table with such blogger luminaries as Fuel55, TripJax, and Sir Waffles. Within the first two orbits, I am UTG and look down at the hand of the day, pocket Kings. Now, if you have been paying attention, this is the fourth time in this donkament I have been dealt K-K. I should have known it was coming. Can you sense it? Yep. I run my pocket Kings right into pocket Aces. The flop was all undercards so even if I had not been all in pre-flop, I would have moved in on the flop. Dammit! Neither the turn nor the river helped me and my Kings are ignobly impaled on the Aces of McIarich, the usurper (and the eventual winner). And with that, I am eliminated in 9th place with 2 bounties. I had a great time but sure wish I had lasted longer at the final table.


OhCaptain said...

Glad I could help make your night fun ;-)

I was about as card dead as you could get last night. When AQ looks like a monster that far in, you know it has been fun.

Congrats on making the final table!

Lucypher said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in the next Mookie.