Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Apocalypse was (at least temporarily) Averted

Although it seemed the Fates had conspired against me by having the Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl in the same weekend, thereby ensuring no responsible behavior whatsoever would occur from Friday at 5pm to Sunday at 11pm, I somehow survived. Since I do not like the Giants or the Patriots, I was not really excited about the game, just the opportunity to cut loose and do some serious partying with friends. I did not want the Patriots to win since I still despise them for the “Tuck” and preventing the Raiders from reaching the Super Bowl during what would turn out to be Gruden’s last year. I also wanted them to lose because (in my eschatological opinion) it is a sure sign of the end times if any NFL team goes undefeated throughout the regular season and then also goes on to win the Super Bowl. In today’s NFL, the one where many of the rules have been tweaked to promote parity, no team should be able to accomplish that without cheating. Enter, the Patriots. I believe (but have no evidence) they probably cheated a lot more than we know about since they came so close. It would certainly help explain their dominance over the last few years and it would explain the “Tuck”.
Remember Occam’s Razor – the least complicated explanation is almost always the most accurate. Anyway, to do my part to prevent a Patriot victory, I placed a wager on the Patriots to win (even though I loathe them, I bet with my head not my heart). Yes, that is right. I gave them the kiss of death by wagering on them to win. I am lucky in many ways but betting on sports is not one of them - which is why I do not do it often. I truly thought they would probably win which is why I bet on them. However, once that bet was in, they had no chance. In fact, after watching the first quarter, I knew they would not cover even if they did win. So, with that out of the way, I tried to focus on poker.
Unfortunately, I lost at poker, too. Not a big loss, but a loss nonetheless. Since I tend to play quality starting hands and make pot-sized bets/raises, the pot is always big by the River. I was sucked out on in two massive pots - once a 2-outer and then later, a 3-outer hit on the river to ensure a negative day for me. Oh well. That’s poker.

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