Friday, February 8, 2008

My Ignominious Return to the Mookie

The Mookie is a blogger tournament I used to play occasionally before it moved off of PokerStars and on to Full Tilt. I even won the whole enchilada back in 2006 – here is the link to my Champion’s profile.
However, I was unable to summon forth my “A” game and it was apparent. I was looking forward to the opportunity to make a triumphant return and then write all about it on my blog. Yeah, right. Well, I am going to write about it but that’s it. Buddy Dank is now live blogcasting the tourney on his site and he even had Mookie himself on the show. They were quite entertaining but also very distracting since they were also live blogcasting the Big Blogger Cash Game at the same time as the Mookie. I allowed myself to be captivated by watching these well bankrolled bloggers taking turns kicking one another in the junk for fairly large sums of chips. This game was 4-8 NLHE deep stacked. I railed them for over 2 hours. It was intense. The biggest pot I observed was a hand where two players flopped sets and got it all in. Set over Set for almost $3,000 in that one pot. Brutal! Weak Player won that pot and seemed to be the biggest winner. Fuel55 and CMitch also played well and seemed to do OK. Besides all that action and the funny chatter, Buddy Dank’s show comes out of the speakers so loud that he drowns out the sounds of the chips, cards, warnings, etc. All of these distractions spelled disaster for me as I was not disciplined enough to overcome them. I called off one third of my chips with A-K and A-Ks that never improved and then ran my pocket Jacks right smack into pocket Kings – which was the end of the Mookie for me. I was disappointingly knocked out in 55th place (out of 74 entrants) - a weak showing for me. Oh well. I still look forward to playing in the Mookie again soon and next time, I focus on my game without all the other stuff.

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