Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Freedom = Better

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. - Edward R. Murrow

Some folks never seem to learn from their mistakes. The voters have spoken clearly. However, despite the thunderous voice of the American people, some of our current congressmen (and women) appear hell bent on keeping the UIGEA alive. Perhaps they are not paying close attention to the recent election results or more likely, they don’t care what the American people want. They have their own agendas, separate from the agenda of their constituents, fueled by lobbyists. Reviewing the success of those on the Leach List, the recent elections appear to be a victory (of sorts) for online poker.
At least nine (9) US Representatives and three (3) US Senators that voted to oppose online poker have failed to win re-election and will be enjoying a nice long vacation. If those remaining in office persist in opposing online poker, hopefully, we will replace them in the next election cycle.
The majority of this wonderful freedom (and poker) loving country is finally beginning to find their voice and say clearly, abstain from whatever you wish, social conservatives, but do not impede my ability to enjoy an activity just because you don’t like it. We want to make our own choices.
That, my friends, is the love of liberty and the voice of freedom finally rising again.

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