Friday, November 7, 2008

Goodbye, Nikki.

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas.

Friends, Poker Players, Cat Lovers,

Lend me your ears.

I write to you today in remembrance of Nikki, our beautiful Manx cat and beloved pet of seventeen years.
Nikki had been my poker companion and confidante since I began playing online in 2004. She was there in silent support as I donked around, feebly attempting to grasp the rich tapestry of our engaging game. She would join me late at night in the spare room to encourage and entertain me while I played. Always there but never intrusive, she would often look at me with her big green eyes, after an ill-conceived play on my part, as if to say, “Wasn’t it obvious that he had the nuts?” Or she would come to me with a conciliatory purr after I suffered a bad beat or suck out to quietly remind me that it’s all part of the game and learning to make the proper decisions is more important than the immediate results.
Nikki was a gentle and dignified cat that always found a way to make us feel better when we needed a lift. She was there with me as I rode out two extended periods of involuntary unemployment. She brought me great comfort while I fended off the feelings of anger, self doubt, and angst that threatened to consume me during those long months. She was always there to remind me of things that really matter like the value and love of one’s family.
Nikki had many endearing little behaviors, such as basking in front of the little space heater as though she were sunbathing on a beach. She would also climb or leap up onto me as I slept and knead my neck or chest with her front paws as if making little biscuits. She always came to the front door to greet me with a “meow” when I returned home from work in the evenings. She could not resist the smell of fresh bread and if we did not put the bread safely away, she would nibble on it.
Nikki brought an incalculable amount of love, devotion, and happiness into our lives.
No words are sufficient to convey the deep sense of grief and sorrow we feel at this time.

Rest in Peace, Nikki.
January 3, 1992- October 20, 2008.


Memphis MOJO said...

Some say it's only a cat, but I say it's a family member. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Lucypher said...

We definitely regarded her as a family member.