Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Party Time!

You know, back in the day – before the surreptitious passage of the UIGEA, Party Poker was THE site to play on. Party had more players, more fish, frequent deposit bonii, and were among the first to offer players the opportunity to play other casino type games online in the Party Casino. I played blackjack there for while until the despicable UIGEA caused Party to close its doors to US players. Well, the folks at Party Gaming never stopped innovating. I firmly believe they will, once again, be major players in the US market in the near future. They now offer bingo in addition to their other gaming opportunities. That’s right, bingo. Now this is not your grandmother’s bingo, this is Party Bingo. If you like bingo, Party Bingo is offering the best value for the bingo player’s money to be found anywhere. I am definitely envious of the non-US players that still have access to the vast array of offerings at Party Gaming sites. One day soon (I hope), we freedom loving US folks will once again be free to choose where to spend our money and our time. You can bet your bottom dollar that when that moment finally arrives, I will expeditiously be heading back to Party Gaming sites to play their online games.

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