Thursday, February 4, 2010

PokerStars WBCOOP 2010

Good ideas are a dime a dozen, bad ones are free. – Douglas Horton

I do not usually play freerolls. The fields are simply too large, the time needed is too long, and the play is usually horrendous. However, the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker is no ordinary freeroll. The bragging rights alone would be worth the win. Sadly, I fared about the same as I usually do in really big fields. I waste a few hours playing well only to get busted out of the money. Here are some of the gory details:

2nd orbit I get 2 black Kings in the BB – everyone folds to me before I can even bet.

3rd orbit 2 red Kings in the CO – I bet 3xbb – everyone folds.

I get J-J, open bet and get called. Flop is all undercards and I shove all in, get called and I double up when his draw doesn’t get there.

A-A in MP and open bet 3xbb but everyone folds!

Finally, some action - I flop a flush draw with Jh-10h and make it on turn. I am up to t5210.

4-4 holds up and I am at t5945 as we go to the first break.

I got a couple of suited Aces(A-Js and A-9s), open bet got called, missed flop, made C-bet and won pot.

“Sitter Outers” are dying off quickly now, I am at t6045.

I make it to the second break but, at t3915 and below average, it’s shove or fold time.

M = 6 and I get Q-Q in MP. I shove and get no action.

M = 3 and I get A-Jo so I shove. Get called by 5-5 and I don’t improve.

I am out in 240th. (Sigh), maybe next year.

Notables seen included: MemphisMOJO, TanOrpheus, Rakewell1, Fuel55, Lightning36.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Nice recap. Thx for the link.