Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunken Treasures – Mussels

Some of you may not have gotten the news yet, but there are these little filter feeders similar to clams called mussels. They are widely available at many Italian restaurants and some seafood places. I highly recommend them to you, dear readers. There are different types but I prefer the small ones over the larger varieties. I like mine topped with a savory red sauce and served with some crusty bread for mopping up the bottom of the bowl. They are also quite delicious served in a white wine sauce (with crusty bread) but I prefer the red sauce. These are the perfect appetizer for any Italian meal as they are not going to make you feel so full you cannot enjoy your entrée. They also go well with a nice red wine (or white if you do not opt for the red sauce). The next time you are at a place you know serves fresh seafood (like all seafood, freshness is key) give the mussels a try. You’ll thank me later.