Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Going to Play Live this Weekend

I am heading up north to Dallas for a family gathering this weekend and while I am in the vicinity, I will be crossing over into Oklahoma to play at the Winstar Casino. I have never been there but I hear they have a nice poker room. I plan to follow my usual strategy (short stack, uber-tag) for live play and hope to return to Texas with a tidy profit.
That gentleman, Ed Miller, knows what he is talking about. By buying in short, I avoid most tough decisions and protect my bankroll at the same time. I will also be employing some of the techniques I learned by reading “Elements of Poker”. I will pay attention to my breathing and hope to improve on my “quitting”. I will focus exclusively on No Limit Texas Hold’em cash games and look to grind out at least 6-8 hours on the tables. Upon my return, you may expect an obligatory trip report.

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