Friday, January 11, 2008

Liquid Assets - Bisque

Even though I just returned from fabulous Las Vegas, a place known for premium grub, you can only get some things from the “real deal”. What I mean by that is that as good as the food in Vegas is, and it is very good, and as wide a variety as is available, there is NO WAY that you will ever find the best gumbo or seafood bisque in Vegas. You have to be near the coast. So, back here in Galveston, the best bisque is at a well established family owned place on the famous seawall. There are actually two restaurants that share the same recipes and kitchen. One is the fancier place for taking out of town guests and the other, Casey’s, is where the locals go for a premium meal at a value price. Thursday is the day for bisque. They offer either shrimp or lobster depending on the day and both are to die for. I never cared for heavy cream whipped into my coffee but blended into well prepared lobster or shrimp stock – Yum! This steamy golden brown liquid is so rich and thick and creamy that it is sure to stick to your ribs. Now, if that isn’t enough to get your hungry on, listen to this. Their fresh gulf oysters on the half shell are not only large, but very tasty AND they always give you one more than you ordered – so half dozen is seven and a full dozen is thirteen. Then, if you are still hungry, add in a massive shrimp po-boy and you are there! Welcome to Galveston! Who wants a mass produced sandwich from one of the usual sandwich peddlers when for the same $, you can have a po-boy sandwich smothered by 25 fried shrimp, waffles fries, a cup of bisque, and fresh baked bread to boot? If any of you guys ever make onto the island or even nearby, give me a call and I will show you how it’s done.


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Come to Texas and I'll pick up the tab for the bisque.