Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bodonkey 2, the Sequel

I have a hypothesis that it is –EV to play when you are not on your “A” game and being one to put my money where my mouth is, I went and proved I was right. After getting the bad news that the usual Tuesday night homegame was cancelled, I immediately began looking forward to another chance to play in the Bodonkey hosted by $mokkee on Bodog. This tournament has the best overlay of any I know of. I placed in the money (barely) last time I played so I was hoping to improve on that finish. I registered early and took care of the family so I could focus on my play. My son had other ideas, though. As soon as the tourney started, he wanted attention. I can’t deny the little guy and I should have “sat out” while I handled him. But, the fates conspired against me and kept dealing me good cards. Not great cards, mind you, but solid starting hands.
Being able to multi-task is one of the perceived advantages to playing online. I disagree. It may be convenient but it in no way enhances your skill or chance to win at the table and will most likely, decrease your chance to win. So, here I am distracted and out of practice for tourney play so what do you suppose happens?
The first hand dealt to me is one I usually play fast (10-10) but I foolishly decided to play it softer and I got outdrawn. 2nd hand is K-Js a very playable hand. Nothing on the flop and a bet coming in, I have to fold. Another 10-10 appears for me within the first 5 minutes so I play this one faster and guess what? I run right into pocket A-A. WTF? Within another 5 minutes, another 10-10! Flop is K-Q-x and villains bet right into me after I opened pre-flop. I gotta fold. I get 5-5. Flop a set and turn a boat! No action! Dammit! I tried to play small ball at first and win some small pots while getting a feel for the table. That did not work well and I am down to about 2400 (from 3000) 20 minutes into the tourney.
I proceed to get A-Ko four times in the next 15 minutes and can’t get anything to hit on the flop. C-bets are getting smooth called. This is not going well but my suffering would be brief. Not long after that, I get K-Qo in the SB and raise the BB (Instant Tragedy) in an attempt to steal. IT calls and I figure he does not want me to steal his blind and is defending. I am not putting him on a hand since he did not raise. Flop is a non-threatening J-4-x rainbow. I check and he checks behind. Turn is another 4 pairing the board. I check and he checks behind. River is a K and now I have top and bottom 2 pair. I check and he bets enough to put me all in. I interpret this as a shameless attempt to steal the pot after neither one of us showed any strength. I make a donktastic call figuring him for nothing or maybe a J for a lower 2 pair. He shows his pocket J-J and I am the first one knocked out. Talk about getting your donkey on. Congrats to Instant Tragedy for knocking me out and going on to finish 2nd in the whole thing.
Good bye Bodog, it’s back to my regular cash games on “PokerScars” for the remainder of the evening. I get some decent hands and I double up with K-K. Then, I am in the BB with A-9o and it is four limpers to the flop of Ac-9d-6c. I check with the intent of check raising but no one bets. Turn is a Kh and I lead out. Two guys call and I am happy. River is Ks. I do not like it but figure my top 2 pair is good. Surprise! The 6 seat had Kc-10c and was chasing flush but hit trips to take it down. Why did I check the flop? I probably would have won the pot right there. Sometimes, I get greedy. I end the session up 1 buy in.

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