Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Bodonkey

Happy New Year! I am usually involved in a homegame on Tuesday evenings so I do not often get a chance to play in the Bodonkey but I was home on New Year’s day/evening so I decided to play my first online tourney of 2008. This tourney is hosted by Smokkee on Bodog and has a GREAT OVERLAY! Seriously! I am not a regular on Bodog so I did not even have enough $ left to enter so I had to play a cash table to win enough for the buy in. I managed to do so after playing a while but I was completely card dead for the first hour or so of the tourney. Jordan from HoP was at my table along with PokahDave, NewinNov, and others. I had eaten my cabbage and black-eyed peas so I was hoping to get lucky. However, my son wanted attention and I also had major connectivity challenges, kept losing my wireless signal, and when I finally got that going again, I had to log out and back into Bodog so it would stop automatically folding all my hands. This did not make it easy to focus on my tourney strategy. One thing I noticed right away is the Bodonkey is pretty rocky. The Mookie is much more action oriented and that pace of play was more along the lines of what I was expecting. I adapted, remained patient, and kept waiting for a playable hand. I finally get A-A in the big blind and think I will get some action now! But, guess what? They all folded to me and I won the blinds. Talk about anti-climactic. After stealing my blinds all evening, I finally get a hand and no one wants to play. Just my luck. As I am beginning to feel desperate, Yestbay and I get all in and he has A-Jo to my A-Qs. Justice prevails, my A-Q holds up, and I double through him. Later, I make a boat vs. PokahDave but he would not give me any action and I only won a small pot. I did not get many other good hands but I did manage to make the final table. At the final table, the blinds were getting high, and I found 7-7 UTG. I move in and everyone folds around to GoatRodeo who calls with A-10o. A proverbial race. He wins when he flops a 10 and rivers and Ace. I am out in 8th place but win eleven tourney bucks so I can play again when I have the opportunity. At least GoatRodeo took my chips and went on to win. All in all, I enjoyed the chance to play with the other bloggers and had a good time.

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