Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Not About Serendipitously Getting Lucky

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. – Darrell Royal

I never liked homework when I was a kid and skipped it whenever I could.
As an adult, I understand that homework is useful and usually worth the effort. Thus, I set out to do a little reading to prepare for my upcoming trip to the strip.

After reading this highly germane thread by Las Vegas Michael on 2+2, I am now planning to get in a session at Treasure Island and considering skipping either Bally’s or Bill’s. I am also thinking about squeezing in a session at the Venetian if at all possible. Thank you, Mr. LVM.

I also recently finished buying and reading the e-book from Ed Miller, S. Mehta, and M. Flynn, Small Stakes No- Limit Hold’em. The thoughtful but aggressive tactics elucidated in the book have already helped me in my local game. I am hoping they will also contribute to my poker enjoyment and success in Las Vegas. I may do a review at some point but for now, suffice to say, I think the book is well worth the price.


BWoP said...

Definitely check out Venetian. You might want to swing by Aria as well.

Good luck!

Memphis MOJO said...

Have fun! Win lotsa money$.

smokkee said...

GL on your trip.

IMO Planet Ho's room is a lot better than Bally's. Bally's isn't even a room. it's just a roped off area off the main casino next to a bar.

WhyDoIPlayPoker said...

I read Ed Miller,et al's prior book, Professional No Limit Hold'em and got immediate results, too. Their writing is clear, current and to the point. Def don't want to sit at the table with you if you're a student of theirs. It'll be hard to take each other's money. Might want to check out the Hard Rock as well. It's off the beat and path, but filled with mostly tourists (customers).

baglife said...


Good luck in Vegas. It's always good to do your homework. My only advice would be to not give your complete allegiance to any one Casino. Even some of the places mentioned in popular threads will have bad tables occasionally. If you sit down at a table and the game sucks get up and LEAVE. Walk across the street to another game; seriously. There is always action somewhere.

I had to do this the first night I was in Vegas back in August. I only had to do it once during the trip, but I was glad I could recognize when it was time to go. 6-7 nit-bags folding around on a 200NL table, are we serious? It's against my morals to suffer through even an hour of that sort of b.s!