Monday, May 4, 2009

Bodog is Back!

Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Sun-Tzu.

Everytime I play online poker at Bodog I wonder why I don’t play there more often. Although, I rarely play tourneys these days due to time constraints, the cash games are juicy! I have played nightly on Bodog for a couple of weeks and there is plenty of traffic for NLHE games. I am not sure why, but the Bodog cash tables seem to play faster than the tables on other sites. It might have something to do with the fact that no one is multi-tabling some ridiculous volume of tables, which always slows down the play of tables they are playing on. Bodog is still one of the best sites for avoiding data mining and other nefarious data collection activities that can make the game less fun for the casual player. In fact, Bodog ought to be the online poker site of choice for casual players and/or those that prefer to play without data enhancement tools. Not that there is anything wrong with those tools, but they do change the way the game is played. Are you a notoriously light 3-better? On other sites, players routinely have tools that identify your habits but not so much so on Bodog. So, get out of that rut you may be in on that other site and come try the online poker experience at Bodog. $mokkee has been spreading the news about Bodog for a while now and JD Schellnutt has recently had some nice scores in the tourneys, too.

They also have a sportsbook for betting on your favorite sport and/or team. Perhaps you have heard of the NBA Playoffs which are going on right now? It’s pretty exciting stuff that, perhaps, you might want to place a wager upon. They also have some interesting World Series of Poker prop bets that you may want to bet on. If any of you haven’t tried Bodog out yet, what are you waiting for? You could be the next one to score big on Bodog!


Memphis MOJO said...

I don't play there much, but I'm not sure why. Thanks for reminding me about them.

I had a shortstack hand last weekend that I was going to blog about. I'll link to your three-part series when I get around to it.

Lucypher said...

Thanks for keeping me in mind, Mojo. I do appreciate it.

noldmax said...

If you ever use TableRatings to scope for juicy tables, you'll find the Bodog NLHE tables rate very nicely. I get frustrated b/c I'm such a nerd about stats, and I can't keep them on Bodog. But yeah, it's a good place to find a relatively easy game.

As for the sportsbook/casino, for a degen like myself, I end up blowing anything I make due to juicier tables on 9-way parlays, so I consider the existence of such distractions to be a check in the negative column. :)

smokkee said...

thx for the pimpage, good to hear you're enjoying the Bodonkfish.