Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Liquid Assets - Gumbo Redux

I live on good soup, not on fine words. - Moliere

Galveston is a mere shadow of its former self since the storm.
However, it’s good to know at least one thing is still as it was before Ike.
Leo’s gumbo. That’s right. Even though the lines have been longer than usual due to more people finding out about the place and I really don’t like to wait in a long line for much of anything, I have been to Leo’s for gumbo a lot lately. Today, I waited in line just behind the Mayor of Galveston, so the news about how good this place is has even reached City Hall. I know I already told you it’s the best gumbo available anywhere on the island. But, did I tell you how velvety delicious each spoonful is in one’s mouth? How they consistently pack the container with plenty of meat? How the roux has just the right consistency and always tastes perfectly cooked and is the true heart and soul of Leo’s, as well as, any gumbo? Look, here’s the deal. Leo’s folks fill you up with plenty of their own smoked chicken and his own made-on-the-grounds smoked sausage but they are the complements to the roux, that’s right, not the other way around. I just enjoyed my (somewhere around) 17th pint in the last month and there is one reason I patronize Leo’s so frequently – his gumbo is the best available.

If one has never had any gumbo before, I guess one could enjoy the gumbo anywhere. None of the gumbo on the island is inedible. However, if one has a palate that knows what real gumbo is supposed to taste like, I’ll see you in line at Leo’s.

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