Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bo(dog) Knows …………. Fishing?

Most of the money you'll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents. ~Lou Krieger

PokerStars has been my home for a long time. I prefer playing there over any other site out there. However, I am going to start spending some time over on Bodog. I played there back in 2005 but I preferred the experience at Stars better. It was the awesome BoDonkey tournament hosted by $mokkee that brought me back to Bodog recently. Bodog has just released their beta version with re-sizable tables and full screen capabilities. I always hated the fact that I could not enlarge the table or lobby to full screen size. I am a habitual multi-tabler and not being able to manipulate the table size, for me, made multi-tabling almost impossible. Now, it seems that has been fixed. Thank you, Bodog.

So, there I was three tabling (that’s the max you can play) with the new re-sizable tables over on Bodog and what do you suppose I saw? Well, first of all, there seemed to be a heck of a lot more tables and players on Bodog than I recall from 2005. I have heard from $mokkee and Waffles that the games are soft and fishy so I am going to investigate the matter. While I was there I saw lots of fishies making donk-alicious plays like this:

9 players, one limper and the blinds are in the pot so pot = 2.5 big blinds and suddenly a player in middle position goes all in for about 200 big blinds. I think, OK, he must have a really big hand but he is playing it terribly because everyone is going to fold. Then, another player calls him and shows 8-9s. The original all in bettor shows A-Ko. The guy that called the all in with 8-9s ends up pairing his 9 and wins the pot.

Wow. I am going to like it here. I played for about an hour and saw a lot more weak play. I also noticed that the players do not like to fold to pre-flop bets.
Sweet! I like to raise pre-flop with most of the hands I want to play so that’s more value for me. There seemed to be a lot of calling station type players so bluffing may not work as well as on Stars.

Even though each player may upload an image for their avatar, every third player seemed to be using the same default image. I am not joking. There were three kings of diamonds, three spade symbols, and two race horses. How annoying - and to make matters worse, it does not seem that you can turn off the avatars like you can on other sites.

Since my Bodog bankroll is small, I will initially be working on building it up at the low stakes tables. If you want to contribute to my roll on Bodog, drop by and donk off a buy in or three to me. I really wish they would allow one to play at more than three tables at once but it is still much better with the new resizable tables.


$mokkee said...

the new sw with resizable tables paves the way to allow more tables. From what i understand, that will follow soon after the beta testing is complete.

also, by far the best way to build a roll on Bodog is playing the beginner sng's. they pay half the field and the players are pretty bad.

Instant Tragedy said...

The Beginners SNG's are so soft, when you double up or in some cases triple up (when morons run J7os into your rockets), you can coast to the money.

Play with Bodog Beta, I like it much better than the current client. Can't wait for them to roll it out fully!

Bring it on Bodog!